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Beautiful and Durable Marble Products in Glenpool, OK

Enhance the look and value of your home or office with cultured marble from Green Country Marble in Tulsa, OK. Our durable marble products are a mixture of crushed limestone and fiberglass resin. It belongs to a family of cast polymers and is made by blending a catalyst with polyester resin, fillers, and pigments into open molds. It is finished with a gel coat to produce a shiny, durable surface resistant to stains and easy to maintain. It resembles natural marble at a fraction of the cost.

White Marble Wall, Durable Marble Products in Glenpool, OK

How Cultured Marble Is Made

The shape of the cultured marble depends on the type of mold that is used. The colors depend on the techniques employed by the manufacturer, each of whom creates a unique color and finish. The catalyst used creates a chemical reaction that results in the production of a hard mass. After chemical curing the durable marble products are taken out of the mold, trimmed, polished, and readied for installation.

Versatile Material

There are many advantages to using cultured marble. The best aspect is its versatility. Due to the gel coat, the final product is waterproof, stain-proof, and resists chipping. It is nearly impossible to harm a cultured marble surface. Another advantage is the lack of seams, the result of being cast in molds and coming out in one piece. The result is a beautiful product and a nice addition to any part of a home.