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Q: What is cultured marble?
A: Cultured marble is a man-made product produced with the combination of polyester resin and ground limestone. These two materials are mixed with color pigments to provide the marble look. The product is produced behind a gel-coat surface.

Q: What are the advantages of cultured marble?
A: Cultured marble provides a glossy, non-porous surface that provides a waterproof and mildew-resistant finish. The gel-coated surface is durable and low maintenance. Cultured marble is produced and installed with the fewest joints possible, increasing the ease of cleaning. When installed, it creates a virtually leak-proof product.

Q: How do I care for cultured marble?
A: Cultured marble is a product that is very easily cleaned. You do not want to use scrub brushes, steel wool, or scouring pads on it. We recommend a wet rag with a non-abrasive cleaner. For example, Scrubbing Bubbles, Tilex, vinegar, and water — any of these products can be used or something comparable. If you are uncertain on a cleaner, contact your manufacturer.

Q: How can I restore the shine to cultured marble?
A: Applying a buffing compound or automotive wax can bring the luster back to cultured marble. For deep scratches, you can call your manufacturer and have them sand and buff the material. Over the past 10 years, raw materials and manufacturing techniques have improved dramatically, which will allow you to enjoy your cultured marble products with their original luster for many years to come.